Auroville, when things happen for good

During this awesome month in Auroville, I worked for the internet-based community radio – Auroville radio. This was an amazing experience that I shared with Chloé, a French journalist working there for two years now, and Andrea, the Italian founder of the site. As a former working journalist in written press, I enjoyed the new feeling of having a microphone, interviewing people using sounds and no written words. Discovering the technical aspect of the job in editing was also something very gratifying. I managed to present, with Chloé, the news in French three times, every Thursday and to do a program on Auroville waste management or how Auroville has to change its behaviour toward this issue to ameliorate the situation. Overall, I appreciate the experience more than the words can tell. I learned, I had fun, I meet new, interesting and challenging people, and I am ready to live the whole thing again whenever the occasion comes.

Auroville is something unfinished; maybe this is why we want to go back.

Here are the links to listen to the programs I did.

Auroville News 24.12.2009
Auroville News, 31.12.2009
Auroville News, 04.01.2010
Auroville News, 07.01.2010

For more Auroville radio, please visit

– Sonia Terrab

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