Inspired by the Gulabi Gang (3th of January 2015)

Me and Lisa are now busy working with our project, to start a newsletter for AIAT, which is a non-profit technical school. We got to the school today full of excitement to continue with this project and because today was a special project day, focusing on violence against women initiated by a group of German artists with ties to the school.

It all started with a movie about Gulabi Gang, which is a group of women in India who are fighting for womens rights. Their color is pink and they have pink saris and sticks that they go around with. This was a really strong documentary that I will recommend all to see! After the movie, the students sat down in groups and discussed thoughts about the movie and actions to take to prevent or/and help in this situations. All this thoughts that the groups came up with where then later put into notes and glued on to 365 pink bamboo sticks that were representing all the days in a year that violence against women occurs, this installation later will travel both India and Germany. I went and looked at some of the sticks, and it was all written in this beautiful handwriting that tamil is. I asked some of the students to translate from Tamil to English for me and they proudly presented and showed their stick with their problem.

Later that day me and Lisa met a woman who goes to the school , whose name is P. Jayagandhi, to intervjue her for the newsletter, and this woman made a great impression on me! She have been going to AIAT for 6 months now, are 26 years old and have three kids at home, 2 of them are new born twins. She told us how happy she where to go to AIAT instead of becoming a housewife. She also said that its not easy to be both a student and a mum in india, so she have to go up 4 or 5 every morning to get everything ready. P. Jayagandhi described herself as a shy person but how her time spent at AIAT has inspired her to speak up and practice her English skills.

I left that Saturday from AIAT with a smile and an aurg to continue to work with the project and this school and also make my final essay inspired of this day.

Here are some links if you want to know more about AIAT or the movie about the Gulabi Gang: