Philosophical Auroville

Here’s a taste of the rich Indian philosophy that underlies the mission of Auroville, with words and wisdom provided by Deepti Tewari:

I think it’s fair to say that many of us are critical of Auroville. However, it’s hard not to be deeply attracted to the spirit of its aim, especially when put so eloquently by Deepti (seriously, I could listen to her describe the intricacies of a #2 pencil and I’d be fascinated).

She spoke of Brahman, the god spirit that exists in everything, the essence of the universe, that all of us are and can become. It’s a belief that everything then is connected and worth our utmost respect and care. It’s about thinking holistically, striving to balance internal and external, global and local, spiritual and mental, individual and collective, etc. etc. etc. Everything is one.

It makes me think of a zero, or a perfect circle, or a cypher. And that’s what sustainable development is about, or at least should be about. Auroville has its flaws and contradictions, which Deepti acknowledged, but it continues to venture forward. The people here keep trying, striving for the north star. And that’s the imperfect journey it takes to become a god.

Utopia, in its etymology, implies both perfection and the unattainable. Even though it’s unattainable, we have to try. Right?

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