photoblog from my day at the garbage dump just outside of pondicherry


My internship started yesterday. I’m doing a project with streetchildren from pondicherry about photography and i needed to get a feeling for the organization that is helping me do that; KALKI. Unfortunatly i missed out on some great seminars and presentations that the rest of the group went to today, but it was worth it! KALKI is a foundation that helps streetkids all over Pondi with education, recreation, counseling and health issues. The social worker of Kalki, Manuel, took me to one of the places they go to once a week; The garbage dump. The people that live on the garbage dump are called ‘gypsies’ and ‘immigrants’ by the people in the area. This visit made a huge impact on me and it is really hard to describe what I’ve seen, so hopefully the 21 pictures below will speak for themselves! They show people lying on the street, sick, with their 1 year olds next to them not having a clue what’s going on, a school that was ruined because of the heavy rainfall and despite the sign that says that every kid has a right to eduction, will not be rebuild by the government, kids covered in dirt enjoying the attention of the people from KALKI , the garbage dump where their houses are practically build on and much more..

This is the second garbage dump in a developing country that i’ve visited in my life, and it was again heartbreaking. These pictures show what my western eye sees while visiting a place like this. My project will enable some of these kids to learn some photography skills and they’ll receive disposable camera’s, so we can see how their live is through their eyes..


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