Holy Cow!

Every season my Mom loves to decorate and there is always a dominant feature in her décor. In the fall there are pumpkins, Spring there are bunnies etc. I usually give her a count when she’s finished, “Mom, do you realize there are 73 snowmen in our house… and we live in California?” This winter is a little different though, I have taken to counting cows.

The term “free range” has brought on a whole new meaning in India, especially when it comes to the cows. They own the road, wandering where they please, eating whatever grass or trash they prefer on the way. They have a royal air and a look of utter ambivalence towards you.

My favorite way to watch the cows has been in the bus, where I am not the one responsible for dodging them. I am already feeling a little nostalgic for our spine jarring, repellant sharing, music filled rides. I often find myself deep in thought or keenly observant while looking out of a car window.  Reflections have been torrential as we have had so many inspiring presentations. Themes for me have been spirituality, practical sustainable living, the meaning of education and empowerment, the human race having a twenty year expiration date according to Dave the forestry guy.

Watch the following video as if you were on our bus and see what comes to mind.



3 thoughts on “Holy Cow!

  1. Wounderful video! Hope you are enjoying India. Looks very colorful. Have fun be safe, happy & healthy. Happy New year Can’t wait to see more pictures.
    What a wonderful experience you are haveing.
    Take care
    Booma& Pa

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