Welcome to the official AUP blog of the 2013/14 Sustainable Development Practicum. This blog will also be featuring posts by students of Linneaus University, Sweden.

We are twenty international students sharing one community space and, from mid-December to mid-January, we will be exploring Auroville, India to gain insight into sustainable practices.

The issues that we will be exploring include: environmental sustainable development, women’s empowerment, micro-credit financing, sustainable enterprises, socially responsible businesses and cultural heritage preservation.

During the first two weeks in Auroville, we will meet intensively with an array of NGOs, sustainable businesses and community action groups. For the last two weeks, we will each be working with one of these organizations to develop a project that advances and enhances their communications in some way, whether that be linked to fundraising, public relations, grant-writing or many other areas.

In our free time, you can find us biking around Auroville, exploring the grand market at Pondicherry. attending many cultural events and soaking in the experience of getting to spend a month in this unique place.

Thanks for reading and we hope this blog will provide a helpful and interesting glimpse into our experience.

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