We’re Boarding?

December 16th, 2014

It was just one of those days that seemed to be slipping through my fingertips. No matter how fast I moved timed seemed to go faster.

With finals finally behind us, we set out for Charles de Gaulle airport, unaware about what we had just gotten ourselves into. While I can’t speak for the rest of the group, I can say that I was throwing things into my suitcase up until the last minute. I arrived at the airport late but so did most. It was just one of those days.

After we cheated in and sat down for a quick bite before boarding, we once again let time slip through our finger tips and before we knew it our flight was flashing “BOARDING” on the screen.

“We’re boarding?” asked Professor Talcott. You could count this as being late or you could count this as our transition to “Indian time.”

Two flights and over 12 hours later we arrived in Chennia, greeted by two taxi drivers with bottles of water and lays made of jasmine. But as circumstances would have it there was a problem that raised that we had to take care of and so we sat, exhausted and hungry in the cramped bus for a couple hours waiting to go to our new home for the next 28 days, Auroville, India. Once we finally got on the road, it was a long rickety 3 hour ride to the small town of Auroville, before we finally settled in. The rooms are not spacious, the beds a bit flat and hard but it will be an adventure nonetheless.

I knew little about Auroville before arriving, besides how relatively new the town is and that it is a town devoted to sustainable development.How do they use their environment for sustainable development? Are they influenced by Indian culture or do they operate somewhat separately? I came here to learn about developmental communications and for a new adventure.

Two days into arriving in India and dozens of mosquito bites later, I know this is unlike any place I’ve ever been but it is sure to be an amazing adventure full of memories, mosquito bites, and an invaluable experience.

– Kara Ferguson/ American University of Paris

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