The Greater Cause

Today, on the 30th of December we all finally had to decide which organization we wanted to work with. This was, for many reasons, not an easy choice to make. During our first two weeks in India we’ve visited over 30 organizations, which are all working with fundamental and great issues. At every organization we’ve been welcomed with so much love and warmth, that a few of us have shed a tear now and then. The passion of the people in the different organization has been heartfelt and having to choose one cause has been difficult, because so much help is needed.

Today, when we all entered the “yoga room”, where we’ve been gathered many times before, one couldn’t help but notice the anxiety that was present this morning. On pieces of paper were written the names of the different organizations that we’ve visited or who have been speaking about their organizations to us. We each had to write our name at 2-3 organizations that we wished to work with according to preference.


Some of us were lucky and we get to work with the organizations that we listed as our first priority. Other were, however, not so fortunate. When you’ve set your heart and mind to work for a certain cause, it is a disappointment to realize that others may be better suited for the job. Tanya said to the remaining group of people, who were left disagreeing on the matter, that they should shift their perspective of the situation:

“When the Tsunami hit India all the NGO’s involved claimed to have territory over certain aspects of the disaster, instead of viewing the situation as a possibility to work together for a greater cause.”

Throughout the first couple of weeks in India we’ve become aware of the struggles that all these NGO’s are facing everyday and we’ve felt their heartache. We’ve become so eager to help, because we’ve seen so much despair, that we’ve almost forgotten the greater purpose with our visit: to aid some of these struggling NGO’s in their fight. And they are all fighting: for education, for money, for more sustainable means of agricultural, for children’s rights, for better health care conditions, for more sustainable energy, for human rights etc. With that in mind everyone left the “yoga room” content and eager to embark upon the third phase of our visit: the phase where we will get the opportunity to help and learn from these astonishing, compassionate and selfless people who are trying to make the world a better place to live.


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