Outside the Mother’s Bubble

Whether you choose to lap up the new-age and mosquito laden kool-aid or not, the beauty of Auroville is undeniable. Lush, green, and tranquil; it possesses a sense of calm (and western toilets, hallelujah) absent outside the Mother’s territory.

     But it’s not Auroville which made me fall in love with a country so different from my own. Yes, there are countless problems and visible disparity wherever you look, but there is also an indescribable beauty. Behind the garbage and questionable roadways lies an energy that draws me in. It’s the buzz- the chaos, the confusion, the friendly smiles that have me yearning to explore the surrounding cities and villages.
     It tends to be the little things that catch my eye; the hand painted trucks, the most beautiful (albeit toothless) smile I’ve ever seen, pops of color on perfectly derelict buildings, or the outright impressive amount of people or items which seems to crammed or tied on to every tuk-tuk and scooter.
While words can attempt to describe my own feelings, pictures allow you to have your own. Below is a tiny portion of the things which have brought one of those brief but profound moments of joy which I seem to only find when presented with the freedom of travel– the excitement of not knowing where I am and the overwhelming reminder to stay both open and humble.












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