Economically sustainable Auroville? (26th of December)

Something thats keep popping up as a question is; “how do they survive economically here in Auroville”. This day we had a economic talk by one of the persons working here in Townhall, Auroville and he showed us how much percentage of Aurovilles money that comes from donations from the outside (mostly the western world). He showed graphics that Auroville don’t make it by itselfe and need help from the outside.

But did not Auroville want to go away from the western world of money dominance, individualism and capitalism? But still they could not function without some help from it? It makes me think of a metaphor that Auroville is like a rebellious teenage and the western world are som rich parantes. The teenager want to see the world and spread love and a better place for everyone, the teenager dislike the parents stif and way of living without solidarity, but the teenage still receives an allowance from the parents every month to continue.

This doesn’t make Auroville as good as I thought before, but I talked a bit with Anadine, a guy that helps us Linnaeus and AUP students and have grown up here. He said something that turns this around. He talked about that you can be here to make money, but you want to do it in a fair way, a way that take in count what is best for people, nature and everything else on the planet. I think that they are not there yet, but they are striving for independence and experimenting to find a sustainable way to do survive without the western parents.

Then I start to think, are their any non-profit organizations that are completely independent? If you look at the big Organizations, they all get money for “the outside”, by donations from both corporations and private persons. Would it be possible to make the whole Auroville self-sufficient and only rely on them self? I think that they really could make it, if they just continue, and then they would have achieved something really remarkable! – to make profit in an ethical way.

Many times when I start to question Auroville and how it’s become, I think back on what a women said the first day here; “Auroville is not perfect, but we are striving for it”


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