Sweeter than chocolate

The word sustainability is foreign to most commoners. It carries connotation of complexity and difficulty. In Auroville, there is a chocolate factory that does it simply with the cocoa beans.

Mason & Co creates more than chocolate products. It empowers Indian women and farmers and also helps its customer to be aware of their health by eating their products.
The management of Mason & Co employs women from the villages. It also try to teach its employees the skills including chocolate product making and management skills that can use elsewhere.

By implementing export standards and fair trade standards on cocoa beans, it helps to raise the quality of the beans. It is beneficial for both the farmer and the company.
The company’s standards on the cocoa beans directly goes into its customers mouth. By making its products with less sugar, dairy free and palm oil free, it allows the high quality cocoa beans to be consumed at the stage. Also it’s quality is transparent because it is not mass produced like most of the chocolate brands.
Sustainability does not have to be complicated, it can be achieved simply and sweetly with bars of chocolate.

– Stella Kim

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