The Heavenly Scene Inside the Matrimandir


Matrimandir – Viewing point (

At the very centre of Auroville, you can find the “soul of the city”, the Matrimandir. It is situated in a large open area called “Peace”, from where the future township will radiate outwards. The atmosphere is quiet and charged, and the area is beautiful, even though the work continues in the Gardens.

The Matrimandir will be the soul of Auroville.
The sooner the soul is there, the better it will be
for everybody and especially for the Aurovilians.

– The Mother

The Matrimandir can be viewed as a large golden sphere, which seems to be emerging out of the earth, symbolizing the birth of a new consciousness.

Entering the Matrimandir:

In order to obtain your free tickets or passes, you should sign up a day or 2 in advance. You can get them any day, besides Tuesday, from the first floor of the Auroville Visitors Centre. There is a strict rule of collecting passes in person and a prohibition on transferring or passing on passes to friends.

On the scheduled day, we assembled again at the Visitors centre at the scheduled time, which is usually 8.45am. At 9 am, we were shown half hour video clip on the history behind Matrimandir, its construction and the plans for its future.

We went in a bus from the visitor’s center to the Matrimandir, where we have deposit all our belongings and got a 20-minute explanation about the significance of the place.

The building was impressive, grand, unwittingly towering and invoking discipline. We all stood in a line as we removed our footwear and cautiously entered the Dome.


The inner chamber (

You will have to wear white socks provided by the staff before you can go inside Matrimandir. An elliptical curve leads you to the “Inner-Chamber”. The spacious Inner Chamber in the upper hemisphere of the Matrimandir is completely white, with white marble walls and white carpeting. There is a radiant crystal placed right in the middle of the hall. You will have to occupy on the seats out there, and stay calm. Silence is the key; this is a place for real meditation.

It echoes a lot inside Matrimandir, hence if you feel like coughing or sneezing, you should go out and come back again (yes, there’s actually a note that tells you to go outside to complete your coughing and sneezing business).

I saw a lot of energy and golden radiations when my eyes were shut, it was a surreal and a humbling experience. When the light turns off and turn on twice, it means it’s time to leave.

The energy that you derive from Matrimandir meditation will linger in your mind and body for a few days. The heavenly scene you saw there will never fade from your memory.


– Julien El-Hajj

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