Changing the World with Sustainable Bacteria by Jzan Tamielle Villanos

According to the Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security, about 2 million tons of water pollution is produced globally on a daily basis. Water pollution includes toxic chemicals from industrial and agricultural waste and sewage. Contamination of precious water sources directly affects areas with low income communities, where people do not have easy access to clean water. This contributes to diseases, lack of sanitation, and even water related deaths. So one solution to remediate water resources to make clean environments is the production of probiotics. 

 Probiotics are beneficial to sustain the health of life. It is bacteria that is good for the body and the environment. It helps remediate areas in the body and environment by eliminating bad bacteria. It can be found in everyday foods such as yogurt and other fermented food and drinks. Ingesting probiotic foods can help increase good bacteria to support the immune system and fend off illnesses caused by bad bacteria. Probiotics can also be found in water systems and can be used to create a well balanced environment. 

Probiotics is a revolutionary tool to use to push towards sustainability. Our daily routines and the products we use can harm water systems as it drains down the sink or shower. Margherita Correa saw this as a problem and found how people are not thinking about the effects they have on the environment by doing their daily routines. She believed that if “you have a problem, you solve it at the origin.” So, she developed MGEcoduties and subsequently Probiotics House to solve this issue of pollution caused by our daily routines and produce products that are safe to drain and safe for water. MGEcoduties and Probiotics House is the first probiotic company of its kind to produce probiotics in powder form which has become useful to other partnering companies like TATA to use to develop more sustainably safe products. These microbes can produce bioconcrete, bio buildings, beautylines, safe agriculture, and safe livestock. It also helps breakdown compost faster, which is useful to create a more environmentally friendly area. Probiotics promote a safer and more sustainable way of living daily life as it remediates water and the environment. 

MGEcoduties and Probiotics House accomplishes and suits the UN Sustainability Goals of Clean water and sanitation and Responsible consumption and production. Probiotics can help clean up the water systems and using products that have probiotics promote more sustainable routines of daily life. Moving towards a society that uses probiotics can really change how we produce and handle waste as it returns to the oceans. Probiotics will help prevent diseases, and control the balance of water.

images: Soaps produced by MGECODUTIES that is full of probiotics so when the user uses the product, the probiotics will help remediate the water going down the drain.

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