Upasana’s External Projects: Tsunamika and Smallsteps

by Mary Noorlander

Upasana is a conscious clothing brand motivated by service, wellness, and community. This means Upasana’s mission does not start and end with ethical fashion; the brand has a network of external projects. These include Smallsteps and the Tsunamika project. 

Launched on Earth Day 2007, the Smallsteps project aims to cut down on plastic waste. The average person uses 500 plastic bags a year – just one Smallsteps bag can eliminate this waste entirely. 

Smallsteps is a promotion of conscious consumption, and every step in the creation process gives back. Smallsteps bags are crafted by women in rural areas, affording them reliable employment opportunities. When you buy one Smallsteps bag, you are becoming a part of a much larger movement. 

Tsunamika is another program of Upasana’s, one which promotes ecology, education, and women’s empowerment. The Tsunamika Project began in 2005 following a disastrous tsunami in southern India, and carries on today.

This venture into upcycled artwear put to use leftover scraps of Upasana fabric in order to make small cloth dolls. Tsunamika dolls are created by women in local fishing villages affected by the Tsunami. Even today, years following the disaster, women rely on Tsunamika to earn their living. Tsunamika is always gifted, never bought, and stands as a ‘symbol of hope.’ 

Upasana is a brand dedicated to conscious clothing, and endeavors to promote community beyond their immediate mission.

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