Decision time

The 28th of December was decision making day.

We have been here for almost two weeks and have met so many passionate people. I would have wanted to work with all of them if I could. All the information that we had received was spinning in my head and I did not know how to choose. So I just went with what feel right. I was most drawn to an organization called Yatra Arts Foundation so they became my first choice. And that is exactly what I got! It is weird how you’re mind seems to have made up its mind without you even knowing. Yatra is an organization that works with after school programs for youth and there you can for example take dance, music and art lessons. They also have evening tutoring. One specific thing that I like is that they make videos and short films and try to educate in particularly young people about social issues.

I feel that I can help them within communication but also that they can simultaneously enrich my knowledge. The ways the issues in the films are portrayed are according to the model of edutainment. It is probably why I was so intrigued by the organization. To go from reading about it in books to see people using it in practice is very interesting. To use edutainment in a setting like this I feel can be very effective. To twist an important issue that people may not think about into something fun and amusing is a smart way to educate the public in a discreet manor. This allows the organizations to focus in a more joyful manner and not only focus on the negative aspects, especially when it comes to children. So my hopes are that I will be able to help them and meet their needs and also that I will learn not only from my own projects but also the organization. They seem to be such wonderful people and you can really see how passionate they are about their work. It is a beautiful thing to see, that they do not think it is boring to go to work every day but instead look forward to it. This seems to be a common thread with all the NGO´s we have had the chance to visit.

It was a bitter sweet feeling choosing just one organization. I was so happy to get the opportunity to work with Yatra but at the same time I feel bad for the organizations that did not get picked. Hopefully they will want to participate next year and we´ll have the opportunity to work with them then.

Check out the video below of Yatra Arts Foundation!

/Damla Mol Linnaeus University

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