Hello Johannes writing.

Some thoughts and reflections from my first week in India, is that Auroville is a really cool and interesting place. You know when you get that feeling –why haven’t I done this before? That is the feeling I get being here in Auroville.  As I have experienced it so far this is a place with a lot of love and an aspiration for solidarity and happiness for everyone. Who would not want to visit a place like that?

I have met a lot of interesting people and my view of the world is getting clearer through this experience.  There are loads of different projects going on here in the spirit of better sustainable and alternative approaches. It is impossible to explain this place in a blog post, so I will just recommend a visit instead, to get a preview and more information you can watch this youtube-documentary

It has also been exiting to get to know this place and to realize that there are more searchers, spiritual people and philosophers out there trying to find a sustainable way to live a happy life filled with love. I hope you are also one of them otherwise become one. Love is cool, not tribal-tattoos and MTV 😉

Ps. Of course India with its heat, culture, geckos and beaches are attractions to see as well, but that is not unique to the same extent as Auroville is to me. This is why I focused on the community Auroville and its interesting people in this blog post.

To sum it up, so far very good, interesting and inspiring. It doesn’t matter to me that it sometimes feels like I am in the Dharma initiative in the TV-series Lost. Their village was even  called Dharmaville by the way, if I am not mistaken J But do similarities with them have to be a bad thing?

Take care // Johannes Öhlund, Auroville, December 25, 2013

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