My name is Isabell Sundman and I am in my senior year in undergraduate studies in Development Communication at Linnaeus University, Sweden. 
What else you need to know about me is that Bob Marley’s sweet tunes of Sun is Shining is constantly playing in my head. Also, for me freedom is to walk barefoot but I shouldn’t here due to scorpions and venomous snakes.

There are as many definitions and perceptions of Sustainable Development as there are individual in Auroville. So by what means can one use communication to maintain the concept alive and functional within such unique place as Auroville?

When there is a lack of opportunities for Aurovilians to contribute their own knowledge into their community it could reduce chances of mainting the current culture of Sustainable Development. This culture is evident in Auroville’s vocabulary where alterations have been made.  For example taxes are referred to as contributions and instead of the word governance one talks around it without using an actual word. These changes are needed for Auroville to dissociate itself from the main stream society that lacks the values of human unity and universal solidarity which Aurovilians are searching for. Creating unique ways to communicate, contributes to sustainability by creating feelings of inclusiveness, this is what is applied by being a true Aurovilan, which appears to be of great importance and it is the sense of community that maintains the concept of Sustainable Development alive and functional within Auroville

Auroville is without laws; the legal system dependence on the individual’s strive to behave as “a true Aurovillian”.  Social Pressure upholds Auroville and its culture. It retains people within the frames and insures that no one misbehave which in the worst case can lead to exclusion from the community. Communication is a useful tool to use when social pressure needs to be shared amongst people. I believe within Auroville there is an understanding of the importance of communications to guide human behavior.
Click on the link to discover how to become a true Aurovillian.

Love, Isabell Sundman

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