Offsetting our Carbon Footprint With Sristi Village

Today we calculated how many trees we would have to plant in order to offset the carbon footprint of our travels to India.

CALCULATION INCLUDED: **actual calculations are a little more complex than this.**

✈️ Round-trip air travel (Paris to India) + Total estimated auto travel (1 month in India).😅Turns out i have to plant 4.13 trees to offset 16,032 km (air)+ 1,250 km (auto)


To makes things even better we had the privilege to work with this beautiful farm (The Sristi Foundation, or Sristi VillageSristi Village (Joachim)) which was founded by G. Karthikeyan. He conceptualized and built this beautiful community on the passion to include and empower people with intellectual and development disabilities from the local villages by offering shelter, general education, farm training/certification, a role in society and most of all love and support. The man who created this Non-Profit Organization saw first hand the life these types of people had to look forward to. In the villages, people with any kind of disability are often hidden away as their families are ashamed. Most believe these disabilities are a punishment from something evil/wrong the person, or the parents, may have done in a past life. While living in an orphanage as a child he witnessed children with disabilities being drugged in order for people to be able to easily manage them. Their life was a cycle of eating, sleeping, taking medication, sleeping & repeat. He knew they deserved more and wanted to create an environment that supported this idea. 🙏🏽 Today this idea has evolved into an entire village with an inclusive society whose focus is to be self-sustaining and Eco-friendly.

image1.pngThe people living there were so happy, knowledgeable and extremely passionate with their work on the farm, from the type of soil to creating efficient unconventional planting strategies, THEY KNEW IT ALL! 👨🏽‍🌾👨🏽‍🏫 They taught us how to plant our trees and they will be the ones to care for them from this point forward…I can’t even put into words how incredible this experience was🙏🏽

IMG_2863.jpgActual footage of a thugg planting a tree. 🌳 🍃🌾🌵👩🏽‍🌾#Offset #CarbonFootPrint #CounterAct #Travel #Plant #Trees #Build #Clean #Energy

DID YOU KNOW: Travel is one of the biggest sources of personal emissions that can be offset. Transportation comprises nearly 30% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, and this number is only increasing. With carbon offsets, like planting trees, you can counteract your personal carbon footprint by helping build clean energy and carbon-reducing projects. These types of acts also contribute to sustainable development in the project region. This means that it is not only the climate that benefits; the local population does as well.



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