MGEcoduties is an Auroville Commercial Unit under the Kattida Kalai Trust – Auroville Foundation, based in Auroville, India- established in 2011. It involves the replacement of chemical products for: well-being, cleaning products for hospitality, waste rehabilitation, and bio-remediation. Its products are based on unique Probiotic Technology using certified probiotic mother culture to manufacture our products.

We assisted to a speech of Margarita Correa, who is one of the two founders of this organizaton. She told her about her life, and here I am going to highlight the contrast between what is really her “previous” life and her “current” life. Before coming to Auroville 25 years ago, she was an extremely high-ranked person for Coca-Cola company in South America. She had worked there for 7 years, without taking any vacations, any rest… So, her doctor prescribed her 6 months vacations in order to rest and take some time for herself. She came to India, and 25 years later, she is still there.

Once she was in Auroville, she heard about micro-organisms by Dr. Teruo Higa, and more precisely the PNSB bacteria that has no Ph, no temperature and that you can burn but not kill. This bacteria was also found on Apollo 12 after a journey through space, as a proof of its resistance. They came up with this project to clean rivers, sewers… by using microbiotics. So, with MGEcoduties, they created soaps and such products that contained microbiotics and commercialized them, so that people would, just by taking a shower for example, actively use these microbiotics and contribute to this project of cleaning the rivers, oceans…

We all know the negative impact big companies like Coca-Cola have on the environment. Margarita was a big figure in Coca-Cola for 7 years, so we can assume that she participated largely to this negative impact on the environment. During her speech, she talked about Karma, and how what she is doing now is in a way making up for what she did in her “previous” life. This is the contrast I mentioned earlier: after living a corporate life, always wanting to make more money, having the best apartment and so on, she is now doing everything she can to impact the environment in a way that will be positive and helpful.

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