The Mystic Art of Sustainability by Jzan Tamielle Villanos

“Art should not be restricted to a wall of a room,” says Puja, the co-founder of Myths in Art. Founded in 2020 by Puja and Kevin, Myth in Art is a local visionary art store that not only sells beautiful and unique art pieces, but also promotes sustainability through their art, goals, and production. They believe that art should be shared and expressed with others, so they sell their art in forms of clothing, active wear, tarot cards, postcards, and more. They have the goal to be as sustainable as possible within their artwork and the products they produce. 

Inspired by dreams and nature, Puja creates her art from the heart, making pieces authentically unique and vibrant. She primarily uses watercolor where she can feel emotions and produce a frame that can stimulate the psychological process with color. The fine line pen strokes accentuate the mythically themed story that is being told. Making pieces so personable, relatable to many, and beautiful at the same time. Connecting art through dreams, feelings, and emotions. 

With nature and beautiful life around us in mind, Puja believes that “As artists, [they] are very conscious about not to make artwork out of plastic material” and produce sustainably made products. She mentions how large retailers and fast-fashion cause so much harm. For example, 85% of textiles created by fast fashion are disposed of unsustainably and are responsible for about 10% of global carbon emissions. Puja and Kevin refuse to follow this model so to follow the sustainable goal of following responsible consumption and production, Myths in Art uses biodegradable material for their quality products. They also follow a production after purchase model where a product will only be made when it is purchased online in order to prevent overproduction. Another way that they follow sustainability is working with companies that follow the same values such as an American company which produces recycled polyester swimwear for their swimwear line. However, Puja recognizes a problem within the art world where busy artists who do not have time or the materials to make their own paint are dependent on paint companies that use chemicals. She notes how companies should start producing environmentally friendly paint materials with pigments coming from naturally found minerals. This way, art would become more sustainable. 

Puja and Kevin want to show how art and sustainability could be combined and how it can be beautifully displayed on shirts, swimwear, active wear, and more. They network with other local artists around Auroville like jewelers, sculptures, and painters to organize exhibits or pop-up shops to promote their work with the promotion of sustainability in mind.

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