CSR Geomatics monitors the rainfall within Auroville. They have various rain tracking systems in place all over the city to keep track of how much it rains. There is also a team of people to manage it.    

Not all soils are created equal, some soils collect more water than others, while others are unable to collect any water at all. Sometimes this has to do with how much water is taken from the aquifers.  

Using ground water is not inherently a danger, instead it’s how much of the water is drained. Giulio explains that if too much water is taken, there is a risk of permanent damage. When too much water is taken, subsidence occurs. Subsidence means that the soil becomes compact and no longer absorbs as much water as before or at all. CSR Geomatics emphasizes that there is a danger of constantly utilizing ground water. Subsidence can lead to increased amounts of flooding because the water does not have elsewhere to go. Subsidence can also negatively affect buildings, causing them to erode. 

This is important because some cities and states heavily rely on the use of ground water to access water during droughts. The state of California estimates that some communities within the state rely solely on ground water to get by. Before 2014, the amount of water taken from the aquifers was unmonitored. This led to the introduction of the Sustainable Water Management Act.  The San Joaquin valley is over drawn about 2/3 more than the state average. To combat this, the state has made plans to refill the aquifers with water but the problem of where to find the water remains.  

California is constantly in a state of drought, as are many other parts of the world. Climate change will only exacerbate this problem; extreme droughts in some areas while others flood. Taking care of the aquifers is a drought prevention method.  

Despite the bleak outlook, Giulio proposes to stop waste from running off into the ocean after it rains. There are many methods that can be used; using water basins, treating wastewater.

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